One piece of content

It takes me, on average, 5 minutes to make a video.

The video will be about some legal principle, case, or issue. Or it might be some observation I can offer about starting or running a business.

Or it might even be on some political topic such as the criminal Donald J. Trump.

Anyway, that is not the point of this post. What happens then is the point of this post.

First, I upload it to YouTube. Then to Facebook. Then to Linkedin.

Then I will crop it down and resize it and upload it to TikTok and Instagram.

Finally, I will strip out the audio track and upload it to my podcast, The Irish Law and Small Business podcast.

That is a lot of value and bang for my five minutes work in making the video.

And I can redistribute at some point in the future to precisely the same websites and reach a completely new audience.

If you want to learn my precise strategy for marketing my business online, and that is the only place I have marketed it for the last 10 or eleven years, you will find my book useful.