The Isle of Capri


We visited the Isle of Capri yesterday.

It takes approximately 20-30 minutes by ferry from the Marina in Sorrento.

Capri is a beautiful place and walking around the small streets, repleted with the shops of top end brands and designer labels, remind you how strongly reliant this place is on tourism. You have to assume there is a serious amount of cash coming into the island by ferry, too, as it is not often you see such a line up of big brand names from the industries of fashion, jewellery, watches etc.

Rolex, for example, have their own shop. I don’t believe I have seen such a stand alone shop from Rolex before.

The Roman emperor, Augustus, put Capri on the map by choosing it as his holiday retreat. It is will worth a visit but you may be well prepared for exorbitant prices for anything ranging from a soft drink or ice cream to food, accommodation, taxi etc.

We intend going back today because we did not get to go on the famous chair ride to the highest point on the island yesterday (we had messed up our timings and had to rush back to get the return ferry).

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