The History Extra Podcast-well worth a listen

I am listing to a podcast by the BBC at the moment-the History Magazine podcast-and it is top class.

Anybody can have a podcast nowadays. All you need is a microphone and a computer or laptop to allow you make audio recordings.

The quality of many podcasts knocking around now is dubious. So it is refreshing to listen to episodes in which genuine experts are interviewed about books they have written or their history topics of expert interest and study.

Understanding what happened in the past can be tremendously helpful in explaining and understanding much of what is going on today in various parts of the world.

I am listening on Spotify but you can probably access the podcast on most podcast distribution sites like iTunes etc.

Anyway, the name is “History Extra Podcast” and is well worth a listen.

My own podcast, “The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast” can be found here. It may not have the production values of the BBC podcast but it does have some utility.