The greatest satisfaction comes from the little, unexpected moments

Did you ever notice that the things that give you the most pleasure in life come out of the blue and could be described as little, unassuming things?

Not the big hullabaloo associated with winning a championship or getting fantastic results in exams but something unexpected that just gives you a sense of quiet satisfaction. Some recognition that the work you have done consistently over the years, the hard yards as it were, is paying off.

And no major celebrations or recognition in the public domain.

I had such a little thing recently. I had returned contracts and paid the deposit to the vendor’s solicitor for a property costing in the region of €1m.

A few days later the vendor’s solicitor contacted me by email and asked me was my client borrowing. He did this out of a sense of collegiality, I assume, and on the assumption that my client was borrowing, and I had overlooked inserting the ‘subject to finance’ clause into the contract.

But being able to reply ‘no’ was the little thing that gave me a great deal of satisfaction. No need to be in the media, no need to be on television or radio.

Just being able to confirm to a colleague that my client was a cash buyer was enough.

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