The future of podcasting? 

When I revived my podcast, the Irish Law and Small Business Podcast, in the last 12 months or so and decided to relaunch it on Spotify I never expected it would be such a positive move and the results would be as solid as they have been.

Many great benefits have flown from that decision and action, and Spotify has evolved tremendously well with significant improvements over that time period.

The ability to then distribute my podcast to YouTube podcasting has been a real game changer. Because it has quickly opened up a whole new audience for my content.

It gives me a great kick to be able to publish something quickly and easily and have that content distributed and consumed across a wide range of authoritative platforms. And allow me to build greater connection with those who are interested in my area of competence and business.

Anyone who is watching this space and thinking about podcasts and their future need to consider the actions of the two big beasts with respect to podcasting: YouTube/Google’s entry into the space and Apple have started autogenerating captions for episodes on iTunes.