The frustrations of conveyancing

I do quite a bit of conveyancing-property transactions-in my solicitor’s practice in Enfield.

One of the repeated frustrations I experience in the conveyancing process is the misdirected expectations of the client, especially when the client is a first-time buyer.

She will swallow whole whatever she is told by third parties such as mortgage brokers, estate agents, and lenders. The problems which arise are wholly unrealistic expectations about timelines, steps in the process, when loan funds can be drawn down, and when the transaction can be concluded, and keys handed over.

To add insult to injury there may be a suggestion that the lawyers are holding the whole thing up and if they would only do their job etc. etc.

This is tremendously frustrating as I would at all times act in the best interests of the client. If this means delays arising from obtaining satisfactory replies to pre contract queries, so be it.

But you will have the client on asking when they will get the keys and the estate agent, or some other third party, told them it should only take a couple of days.

I accept that these frustrations come with the territory, but it can be hard to hold your tongue on occasion.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about the process of buying or selling property in Ireland I have written a book about it which draws upon my experience of buying and selling property since 1986.