The fragility of human life

What a weekend it has been to be brutally reminded of the fragility of human life.

Jack De Bromhead, Christy Cawley, Chelsea Cawley, Lisa Cash all lost their lives this weekend in tragic, unexpected circumstances. All of them were children, save for Lisa Cash who was technically an adult having reached the age of 18 years.

Our youngest child is older than Jack, Christy, Chelsea and Lisa and went to Electric Picnic this weekend. Her mother spent the whole weekend fretting about her, keeping a close eye on the weather reports and trying to stay as up to date as possible as to conditions on the ground.

Fretting that the tent would collapse and/or she would get soaked, and so on.

But a good wetting and a collapsed tent fades fast into insignificance when we think about, and we do, the families of Jack, Christy, Chelsea, and Lisa.

As parents we worry about a lot of things, and we never stop worrying, regardless of the age of the child. But this weekend has forced us to have some perspective.

May Jack, Christy, Chelsea, and Lisa rest in peace. And may their families be given or find strength.

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