The dilemma of my daily writing habit

I wrote yesterday about the commitment I made in January 2022 to write and publish a blog post on this blog/site every day.

I have managed to achieve that daily goal and have developed what I believe to be a tremendously valuable asset; an asset for me personally and my business.

The mental health benefits of writing I have written about in the past.

And it should be manifestly obvious to anyone with a modicum of business savvy that writing articles/blogs about your area of expertise and passion can be easily used to generate leads and clients.

I face one dilemma, however.

In continuing to write daily I need to walk a precarious line between writing for the click and for the original purpose of daily writing: self-improvement as a writer.

It is easy to play to the crowd and become like a bearded lady in a circus, seeking attention and approval.

This is a line I will have to negotiate every day, especially when I have recently seen some significant traffic from the likes of Twitter to certain blog posts which are topical and newsworthy.