The curse of knowledge, and the great opportunity that presents itself

I was contacted by a client of mine recently who was interested in buying a retail unit for his professional practice.

He was confused about what was actually being offered for sale, however, and asked me a number of questions about it. The questions appeared to me to be stupid questions. As far as I was concerned everyone would know the answer to his questions, especially anyone who has been carrying on a business for a while.

Then I considered the situation more carefully and accepted that this was a classic case of a person taking for granted that what he knew, everyone knew. And, of course, this is a stupid mistake to make.

I immediately recognised that simply because I was involved in buying and selling retail shop properties since 1986 does not mean that other persons know what I know and take for granted.

Once the penny dropped for me I immediately availed of the opportunity presented. Because if this client had these questions, then others in the same boat would also have these, or similar, questions.

So, I made a quick video about it during my lunchtime and the questions that were raised. And that video is now on my YouTube ready for release when I choose to do so.

The curse of knowledge is one that is easy to fall for. But if you think clearly and with empathy you will find a great opportunity to create a useful piece of content for the questioner, and others in the same boat.

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