The biggest frustration with a conspiracy theorist

You will regularly encounter individuals online who are slaves to conspiracies.

No matter what happens in the world or in their life they can easily put meaning on the event by recognising a conspiracy.

I have rolled my eyes at the comments of certain individuals on my YouTube and TikTok channels but passed on about my business.

What happens, however, if you have client who sees conspiracies everywhere? Who can take any random opinion and set it up as a fact by the use of the conspiracy that is apparent to him alone.

This, my friend, is a tremendously frustrating and exasperating experience.

For you can give the best of advice and it will be readily ignored because the client has a conspiracy theory about the situation.

The biggest danger, of course, is when the conspiracy gets in the way of the client attaining a grasp on reality and make a good decision about what is being offered by way of settlement.

Then it is tragically frustrating.

Because a fair settlement may be spurned and thrown over only to lose the whole box and dice at hearing.