Content distribution and fishing where the fish are

One of the two tasks I carry out every day as part of my daily work ritual is what I call content distribution.

This involves distributing a piece of video content on certain social media sites (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook).

I have an enormous stock of video to allow me to distribute something different every day. The video could be long form in landscape format or short form video in vertical format (suitable for TikTok and Instagram).

Keeping track of it all can be a bit of a chore, but it is a task that generates an enormous amount of queries, leads, and business for me.

It forms a central part of my content marketing strategy to grow my business, and which I have been using for over ten years at this stage.

That strategy is set out in my book which you can take a look at here. The strategy has been tweaked over the years but only to the extent to reflect the rising or falling fortunes of particular social media platforms.

It does not make any difference to me which sites are in the ascendancy, or which are in decline. I just fish where the fish are.