The benefit of writing every day

It’s easy to see the benefit of writing every day.

I have done it in the past, for a good deal of time, and have noticed how much easier it is to write articles and blog posts when doing it daily.

The simple act of starting an article about any topic, no matter how important or inconsequential, is a relatively simple task when I am doing it every day. I can look about me or have a thought and write about it, or at least use it as a starting point for writing something.

But when I am out of the groove and have not written a blog post which focuses on a specific legal case or development, it is an arduous task to even make a start.

The ability to write well-in a way that allows the most effective communication with the reader-is a powerful skill. And it is a mistake to not try to consistently use that “writing muscle” with a view to honing and developing it.

I guess, and am almost certain, that there are books and websites which will give you a daily prompt to get started writing something, if that is what you are minded to do. And I need to use some such tool or resource that would help me in this regard.

Not only is the writing skill a tremendously useful tool it is something I enjoy immensely. But it is not just a question of enjoyment for all my writing is not necessarily enjoyable.

There is also the feeling of guilt at not having written something, at having neglected it and failed to concentrate sufficiently to regularly write.

Nonetheless, even when I lost focus and was more inclined to make videos or engage in other activities such as baking or social media marketing, I still wrote at least one blog post at the weekend.

That type of writing, however, did not require much thought, care, or skill because it was more in the nature of reportage of a particular legal case or development and the principles and lessons which can be extracted from it.

Reading or listening to the books of Thomas Hardy and Anthony Trollope, however, is a constant, daily reminder of how beautiful writing and the judicious use of words can be.

I must look into getting some type of daily reminder or prompt although the disadvantage of doing this might be the removal of the obligation to observe things around me in my daily life, and comment on and write about what I notice.

This piece of writing is testament to the principle that if you sit down and get started writing, about anything, you can go off in little diversions and effectively think through something.

Also, at the end where I am now, I get the feeling of having accomplished something early in the day and thereby getting the day off to a good, productive start. (It is 6.35 am now).

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