Sourdough and a Short Séamus Heaney Film

I made my first 100% rye sourdough loaf yesterday, and it turned out pretty well. The recipe is from a YouTube video I saw by Patrick Ryan of Firehouse Bakery.

It was the stickiest, messiest dough I have ever worked with, however. Next time I will need to be psychologically prepared and suitably worked up because it is a bit of a battle.

Here are some pics of the finished loaf:

Digging, by Séamus Heaney

I made this short video using one of my favourite poems by Séamus Heaney. What do you think?

Whether I am reading or writing or baking bread or making a video, I need to be doing something. That’s the type of person I am and the notion of sitting around doing nothing on a bank holiday weekend, or any weekend for that matter, is a kind of hell for me.

There’s nothing wrong with it, I guess, and we all need to wind down. But there is more than one way of winding down or taking time out and I like to spend my time doing something.

Because I like to be able to say, ‘I made this’.

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