Some bread I baked-a rye and walnut loaf

This is a rye flour bread with walnuts.

It is from Richard Bertinet’s book, Dough, which I have previously recommended. The bread itself is made from a combination of strong white flour and rye flour and contains walnuts.

You can choose to put pretty much anything in a loaf or bread-for example, cheese, olives, walnuts, seeds and so on.

Spraying the preheated oven just before you insert the dough is the key to getting a soft crust and bread.

If you have any interest in baking or learning how to bake the Bertinet book is as good a place as any to start with a wide range of different doughs including white, brown, rye, and olive.

The starting point for all these breads is a simple white loaf. Once you can get the technique of making this loaf down you can make pretty much any bread. The world is your oyster when it comes to broadening your horizons and experimenting with different recipes, flours, fillings.

Click on the images below for a closer look.

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