Small businesses should constantly monitor and review time spent on social media sites

I always monitor closely my efforts and time spent on social media sites. 

I am looking to ascertain what is working, what’s not working and trying to arrive at the optimum use of my time.

Yes, I could spend plenty of time on all the platforms open to me, but I want to ensure the sites that give the greatest return get the most care and attention.

These platforms include:

  1. Youtube
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. TikTok

Every sole trader, entrepreneur, small business owner should carry out the same type of review on an ongoing basis.

What will work and provide the best return will vary widely from industry to industry and from geographical location to location. 

In other words, what you might read online as to what is most effective is almost certainty come from the experience of a person in the marketing industry in the United States.

This needs to be factored in with a significant weighting in any analysis or review you might carry out.

Your review should also include the type of content that is most effective as most online sites will give you some choice as to the type of content you share.

As a starting point, however, you need to know where to show up.

P.S. You might find my book useful: “The Art of Marketing Your Services Based Business Online