Simple solutions to complex problems-Sinn Féin’s impressive social media activity

Listening to the radio yesterday morning-the Brendan O’Connor show-a panellist commented that Sinn Féin’s social media work was immensely effective and impressive as it sells the story that there are simple solutions to complex problems.

And this simple story, so easy to understand, is being gobbled up by younger generations who are behind the surge of Sinn Féin’s increasing popularity in the polls.

The story about housing and the need for more housing to buy and rent is a good example of this. Young people are being led to believe that Sinn Féin will solve the housing problem if only they are given the chance.

And if the grifters and chancers and property owners and landlords of the establishment parties, the elite so to speak, will only get out of the way.

It is inevitable, therefore, that as long as we have a housing crisis, we will have Sinn Féin surging in the opinion polls.

And then we will need a few years of a slow dawning that complex problems do not lend themselves to simple solutions advanced on Twitter and Facebook.