Refusing to stay in my lane

I published a new, short video the other day called “Pearse Doherty, Kendrick Lamar and Money Trees”.

It has provoked some commentary, most notably on TikTok and Instagram.

One of the comments made is a comment that is guaranteed to make me angry: “Stay in your lane, Terry”.

In other words, your videos about law, small business, investing, entrepreneurship, books, etc. are good but don’t express an opinion that is about politics.

It’s as if as a solicitor or small business owner or entrepreneur I am not entitled to an opinion about the State or the state of the nation or politics.

As if I am not also a citizen, husband, father, son. As if I don’t have a say.

Every person who is capable of rational thought should be concerned about how our society is organised, how its resources are utilised, how taxes are gathered and used. Not to have an interest is an abandonment of one’s obligations in a democratic society.

I understand enough to recognise the great value of an open, liberal, democratic society. I have an opinion.

I don’t have a lane, thanks. I have a say.

And I will continue to have it.

Here’s the video:

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