Putting B-Roll footage to valuable use

I have been considering for some time how to use certain video footage I make and enjoy making. For example, GoPro footage from a bike ride around the parish in the morning with the rising sun or evening with the sun setting. Or drone footage.

I have never quite known how to incorporate such footage into my videos.

Now, I am trying an experiment with footage I took last weekend when I went for a spin on Sunday morning.

I am making a video with this footage but a voiceover. The voiceover comment is an observation I have made about the consistently embittered commenters on my TikTok and YouTube channel that I find amusing.

But I make the more serious point about a person having the right to choose how they respond to their circumstances, and that this is the most valuable lesson I took from Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search for Meaning”.

It will be interesting to see how the video performs as it would be great to have a useful place to share some nice footage from around my home area, and to make some point or have some idea to share.