Pompeii-a visit to the hidden city

At the Amphitheater

We visited the Unesco World Heritage site, the Pompeii city excavation yesterday and it was stunning.

Pompeii as buried under the rubble and volcanic ash of a two day eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. It remained buried until the 16th century when an architect, engaged in the building of an aqueduct, discovered it hidden underground.

The main excavations of the site have taken place since the 18th century onwards, and continue to this day. Indeed, there was a significant find in February 2021.

The ash that came down from Vesuvius, and the related chemicals and gases, served to preserve much of what was covered up, including dead inhabitants of the city of Pompeii.

This has meant the the excavations down through the years have been tremendously fruitful in giving us a look into Roman life and civilisation in the centuries before Christ.

I would strongly recommend a visit and make sure you allow sufficient time to walk around and taken in, with some type of guided assistance, all of the old streets, houses, amphitheater etc. that can be still seen in remarkably good condition.

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