Podcasting and quietly building an asset

I have grown my YouTube channel to a subscriber base of over 23,000 as I write this on 1st August 2023.

Video has been tremendously effective for my brand and business. And then I began to take the audio files from my videos and publish them on my podcast, the Irish Law and Small Business Podcast.

I believe I am only scraping the surface with the potential of my podcast. I have made little or no effort to promote it. And the only content I have published to date is the content from my YouTube videos.

Some of these videos make good podcasts, some not so good. If I took the time to make dedicated audio content for the podcast and made serious efforts to promote it I am confident I could grow it significantly.

For now, I am happy to continue adding content and letting it limp along under the radar. I like, however, that I am quietly building an asset for my business that one day can be easily amped up.