Nothing to write about and the greatest benefit of writing

Writing anything today is difficult. I simply don’t have anything to write about.

Although that’s probably not true. I have plenty of things to say and write about but cannot think of them at 6.55 am on a Thursday morning in the run up to Christmas.

I have a lot of meetings today, a lot of cramming of work to be done before closing down for the Christmas break next Monday at lunchtime.

I am really looking forward to Christmas, as I always do, and this year I have the added interest of a new hobby-baking-and Christmas will give me more time to dabble and experiment.

I am not sure whether I am getting any benefit, from a strictly writing perspective, from this type of writing activity. It does help, however, in relation to quieting the mind and getting a little bit of space to get things clear in the head.

Maybe that is the greatest benefit of all.

I know it works, anyway, when what you are seeking to do is give yourself some time and space to gather yourself mentally and face the day and its frenetic pace.

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