Nomad Coffee Bar, Enfield

Across the main street in Enfield, opposite my office, there is a coffee shop called Nomad Coffee Bar.

Myself and the girls in my office buy coffee and smoothies there, usually at 11 am or thereabouts.

I post pictures of the smoothies-Nut Job, Wired, Rocket Fuel-on my Instagram stories. It is a bit of fun and helps me and the coffee shop a little bit.

It shows a human side to me, a member of a profession that is seen as a little austere and a little devoid of humanity at times. And it helps Nomad as it gives them a bit of coverage and promotion amongst my 11,000 plus Instagram followers.

I can empathise with Nomad as I have seen them start up from day 1 last year or the year before and the activity and work that went into it reminded me of myself and my own start up over 35 years ago at Hart’s Corner, Glasnevin.

The proprietor of Nomad, Seán Hurley, is also a footballer and played under age for Kildare.

And when I am going into my office in the morning at 6 am Nomad is putting out its seating bench and opening up at the same time.

So, I root for them, and support them and like to see small business succeed.

And I can tell you with confidence that the Nut Job and Wired smoothies are well worth a try.

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