My video about the Kyle Hayes case went 

My video about the Kyle Hates criminal case in Limerick went viral yesterday.

I posted it yesterday morning on TikTok and YouTube, amongst other sites, and it has, 24 hours later, been viewed 272,800 times on TikTok and 22,000 times on YouTube.

It has also been viewed by thousands of Instagram and Facebook account holders.

The consequence of such a video is a massive influx of new subscribers to my YouTube channel and TikTok page. Whether such individuals will turn into queries our clients in the future remains to be seen but you could say the same about any new subscriber.

I put out a lot of videos and when I get one that takes off like this one is a great thrill as it exposes me and my solicitor’s practice to a massive new audience and potential client base.

This is the essence of content marketing. I have set out my strategy in this book, the online marketing strategy I have deployed online since 2009.