Mindfulness from writing-the therapeutic benefits of writing

Over the Christmas period I did a bit of ‘looking in’ to meditation and mindfulness. You will have, like me, read and heard a lot about mediation as an excellent way to help you organise your mind and avoid anxiety and stress.

There are other benefits claimed, too, but relaxation and the avoidance of stress and anxiety are reasons put forward by the many millions of practitioners worldwide.

Having tried it for a few days, however, I noticed that I get even more benefits from writing. I prefer to write and use writing as a form of therapy and a way to achieve a type of clarity of mind and relaxation that mediation is intended to deliver.

Not only that, writing has other benefits which mediation and mindfulness cannot claim. I won’t go into those in this piece but a massive, positive side effect or benefit for me and my business is the ability to use writing for commercial purposes.

But if there was no commercial reason or justification for the time I take to write there is still the tremendous benefit of mental well-being which flows from writing regularly.

For me, having a place to go to-my blog-to share my thoughts, order my thinking, mull things over, turn over concepts and ideas in my mind makes writing daily a smart decision. In fact, I firmly believe it is one of the smartest decisions and commitments I make on a daily basis.

I am no mental health expert and freely admit that I have no mental health expertise, education, or training. But I would wager an extremely large sum of money that finding sound mental health authorities to support my argument would be a simple task.

I don’t need to do this, however. I know what works for me. And I will continue writing and enjoying my own particular brand of mindfulness and clarity.

What about you? Have you ever tried writing a blog? A diary?

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  1. Agreed Terry the pen is mightier then the Sword
    The pen/pencil for me is extremely powerful and safe place as over the years indirectly the notes that have been have accumulated into my life purpose.

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