Managing and communication-the stunning power of asking questions

The person asking the questions is in control in a relationship. Asking questions is far more effective than making declarative statements.

Good questions are closely connected to listening.

When you see what the other person is looking at, what facts and circumstances they believe, then you can understand them. Nobody says or does something stupid from their perspective. Remember, they are looking at a situation with their facts and opinions.

What other things can you help them to look at? What are they comparing it to?

4 good questions to ask:

  1. What is going well?
  2. What is not going well?
  3. What would you change?
  4. What else?

If you manage people, asking these four questions on a consistent basis and listening to the answers, is a powerfully effective thing to do.

A salesman should have four sets of questions:

  1. Fact questions
  2. Opinion questions
  3. Impact questions-what is the impact?
  4. Change questions-what change are you willing to make?