Dáil committees blow their Perry Mason moment

And so, we have had the spectacle of the Dáil committees questioning Tubridy, Kelly, and RTE management over the last couple of weeks.

Members of these committees had their Perry Mason and Rumpole of the Bailey opportunities and cast them aside like mob bosses at a strip club.

Playing to the gallery-that is, their parish, posturing, embarking on long winded, tortuous statements which purported to be questions, trying to produce soundbites for whatever media might carry their glib, inane statements which bore little relationship to the facts, and generally playing to their base like braying mules.

It was embarrassing, ineffective, and added greatly to the confusion around the RTE payments to Ryan Tubridy.

And then they trot out to any microphone or studio that will have them and express grave disappointment about the fog still hanging over the whole affair and “we do not know much more than we did when we started”.

Of course you don’t.

You were asking the questions and too busy playing to the gallery and looking for soundbites.