Making Personal Connections With Your Market

I’m no longer surprised when someone who has come into me for a consultation casually asks how the baking is going, or if I am still feeding the birds.

Let me explain.

As part of my marketing efforts I make extensive use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. From time to time I have been known to post pictures of a personal nature-for example the bread I bake at home on a Saturday morning-or I will make a YouTube video which features me refilling the little bird feeders I keep at home.

I never gave too much thought to it from a marketing or branding perspective but this personal connection clearly resonates with many people because I am regularly asked now about the birds or the bread.

Maybe it gives me a more human touch than other lawyers or professionals; maybe it connects in a far more effective way than telling people where I went to university or relating my professional or academic achievements.

Maybe a viewer with a jaundiced view of lawyers, when he sees me feeding the birds at home, thinks ‘he might be a solicitor but he can’t be all bad!’

Is this something that you can incorporate into your business marketing? Your self promotion? Brand building?

Maybe you are a budding singer/songwriter, spoken word artist, photographer, solo trader, hustler? Would the occasional unveiling of a small part of your private life help you connect with the people you seek to serve?

I firmly believe it would.

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