Looking for a refund

I am occasionally asked to provide a refund to a person who has had a consultation with me.

All such requests have been for consultations I have had with employees. They would have been unhappy with the advice I gave them as I dealt with them honestly and told them what I genuinely believed.

This may have been along the lines of the employee not having a justiciable claim which might succeed at the WRC or in court. Or it might be telling someone that the allegations against them in the workplace needed to be investigated.

And it was not personal, and they must deal with them in a professional, mature manner.

Unhappy with such advice, and believing they were being hard done by and treated unfairly, they sought a refund.

As if you go to a doctor or dentist who gives you some advice about your health or teeth and you did not like the advice and believed you were entitled to a refund.

On a point of principle, incidentally, the answer is always “no”.

The principal being that I am entitled to be paid for my work, time, professional advice and you must pay for this even if you are not happy with that opinion.

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