Kindle Short Reads-a great opportunity for would be writers?

Kindle Short Reads

I only discovered yesterday, when doing a bit of research about how short an Amazon Kindle book could be, that there is a whole, growing section of Amazon dedicated to ‘short reads’.

These books can range from 1 to 10 pages up to 100 plus pages.

When you think about it and the narrowing and shortening of people’s attention span nowadays it was probably inevitable that Amazon would cater to this market.

The reason I was investigating this topic is I have a short Kindle book ready to launch and needed to know how short it could be. My book on starting your own side hustle/small business in the area of information provision is only 6 to 10 pages.

But I think it has value as it sets out how you can start your own side hustle, with a view to growing it to a full-blown business, providing information products to help educate people and assist them with their problems and concerns.

This ‘short reads’ market on Amazon opens up many possibilities for anyone thinking about writing their own book, fiction or non-fiction, but not sure whether there is a market for it or not. Why not make a short read and dip your toe in the market? Price it cheap and ask for feedback.

It might be an incredibly cost effective to do some market research in the very market in which you will be operating, without the commitment and investment of going all in from the outset.

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