I’ve had to close comments on my Facebook post about gender recognition 

I published a post on Facebook last week explaining about the Gender Recognition Act 2015.

I made the point that this piece of legislation has been on the statute books since 2015 and that applying for a gender recognition certificate was a lawful aspiration.

This post, and the video comprised in it, was made in the context of the Enoch Burke controversy and the desire of a pupil in Wilson’s Hospital school to be addressed differently in the future.

This piece of legislation, and the whole question of transgenderism, provoked comments of such an inappropriate and graphic nature that I spent a lot of time deleting and blocking. I have no difficulty with different opinions and opposing points of view.

But I will not tolerate disrespectful, intolerant comments which fail to afford dignity to others. And the task of policing the comments became so onerous that I have simply closed comments on it now.

I simply don’t have the time to continue monitoring the bad behaviour and phobia of certain individuals. Life is too short.

I was like a man herding sheep at a crossroads.

Hopefully the post and ensuing debate will have served some purpose, however.

You can check the post here.