I never voted for that

I published a video on my YouTube channel this week about the Gender Recognition Act 2015.

Many commenters claimed they had not voted for this piece of legislation, and some were genuinely surprised that it was on the statute books and effective, enforceable law in Ireland.

“I never voted for that”, was the common refrain.

No, they never voted for the Unfair Dismissals Act, 1977 nor the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1994 nor the Finance Act, 2021.

In a parliamentary democracy the Oireachtais, comprised of the Dáil and Seanad, pass the laws and the President signs them into law.

Don’t like the law? Vote for different politicians to form a government to change the law.

But don’t go whingeing like a child in a toyshop saying, “I never voted for that, and am not going to recognise it as the law”.