Irrationality is part of the deal

I have struggled lately to understand what I see as the irrationality of certain individuals when it comes to what I see as facts.

Let’s take a look at the decisions of certain courts, for example.

It is plain as a pikestaff who won and who lost. Yet the people on the losing side do not accept this. They see what was a sound thumping for their man as some type of victory.

They will claim that he could never have won in the first place. Or the dice was loaded from the start, and he never had a fair chance. Or the Judges were biased. And on and on it goes.

Or look at some of the irrational positions that were adopted during covid pandemic. The failure to accept the data of deaths arising from Covid, and the failure to accept the benefit of the covid vaccines. Or the benefit of masks.

Perhaps we are all irrational in some way and in certain settings.

But life is easier if we simple accept that irrational ideas and thoughts are part of the human condition and that is not going to change. And any attempt to change the minds of these individuals will simply result in frustration.