Accused of seeking to gain more followers

I was contacted by a guy last week who wanted to have a chat with me about a video I published online.

I told him I wasn’t a great man for the chats, that if he wanted to chat he would have to arrange a consultation with me. A paid consultation, obviously, because I am in the business of selling my time and expertise.

He took great offence at this and could not understand why I would not want to talk to him and debate an issue that is dear to his heart on a Zoom call.

He then took to Facebook and accused me of trying to gain more followers on Facebook by publishing my videos there.

Well, duh!

Of course, I want to gain more followers. The more the better.

And of course, I publish my content online to build my brand and gain more followers/fans.

Why else would I do it?

For the laughs? For ego?

If you want to learn more about my strategy to build my brand, build a bigger client base and, yes, gain more followers my book might help you.

If you want to make good use of your time you need to understand you can be an amateur or professional about it. The choice is yours.