I won’t take ‘shakedown’ cases

I call it a ‘shakedown’ case.

Occasionally I am approached by a person who wants to take a case on the basis of some perceived wrong or slight. But it quickly becomes apparent, to me anyway, that it looks more like a ‘shakedown’ than any real sense of righting a wrong or an injustice.

In other words, it is simply about the money or some type of payout from the offending party.

I won’t take the case.

Someone can, they are welcome to it. But I won’t if it seems to me to fit into the category which I file in my mind as a ‘shakedown’.

I don’t deny the individual’s right to pursue the matter, especially if they have been wronged. But if the wrong is extremely slight or accidental or simply a technical breach of a law and I view it as a case where the individual sniffs some easy money I will decline to act.

This is my choice. And I have no difficulty with the case being pursued by the individual, if that is what they want to do.

But it’s not for me.

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