I don’t want any consultations

“I don’t want any consultations until further notice” is an instruction I have been forced to give to my administration/support staff in the office lately. I usually leave this in place for a few days.

The reason for this is I have more than enough work on my plate, and I want two things that I value extremely highly: time and space to focus on important work such as reviewing title of properties or dealing with a litigation or employment file that needs my full attention.

Being able to give your undivided, focused attention to your work, especially in my line of work, is of vital importance. Not just to get the work done and done properly but for my own mental health and to avoid stress and pressure.

I heard Ryan Tubridy speaking on the radio the other day discussing the Bob Dylan concert direction that you must hand up your mobile phone when going to a Dylan concert. And it was non-negotiable.

A vox pop of persons polled about this were generally agreed that it was a good thing and meant the concert was much more meaningful with a greater feeling of being present in the moment of the concert for the attendees.

I can understand that. Nowadays time and space and a distraction free chunk of time to do the important work that matters is becoming an increasingly rare commodity.

That’s why I can see my instruction about not wanting any consultations becoming more frequent in the future.

Old Bob, a hero of mine for 40 years or more, is onto something.


  1. Enjoy the break, Terry.
    Great articles, well written and very practical.
    Look forward to seeing more in the New year.

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