Having an opinion as a citizen

I have made a great deal of videos about Irish law and business, which can be found on my YouTube channel.

They have been instrumental in helping me grow my solicitor’s practice. But I also enjoy making the videos and they have allowed me to build a tribe or audience. I have over 20,000 YouTube subscribers now.

Occasionally, however, I will make a video that is not in the business or law sphere. It will probably be about some social issue or political issue about which I have an opinion.

You would not believe the number of commenters who do not agree with my opinion who appear to believe that I should stick to law and should not make such videos.

It is as if because I am a solicitor, I am not a citizen and do not have an opinion about other things that might affect us in our daily lives. Or about our culture.

It annoys me intensely but will certainly not prevent me from making videos about the likes of the charlatan Trump, or far right knuckle draggers, or any other issue that I choose to comment on.

Because I am a citizen first and am entitled to an opinion.