Habits need to be kept under constant review-“what’s it for?”

I am a great advocate and proponent for the power of habit.

I have significant personal experience of how habit can help and harm in the course of a person’s life.

For example, the bad habit I had of smoking a great deal of strong cigarettes on a daily basis for many years. And the positive habit of moderating what I ate and regular exercise leading to an excellent weight loss and health improving outcome.

Sometimes, however, even a good or useful habit can be continued on when there may not be a tremendous amount of sense to it.

For example, I have been posting video content online on various websites on a daily basis for perhaps a year or more. But I am flat to the mat with my work and my calendar and have no problem filling it.

In fact, I am so busy that I am turning away business as I am not able to take on new clients with any degree of comfort at the moment.

So, does it make any sense to continue with the habit of daily video distribution when I do not have the capacity to deal with much of the business that it is generating at the moment?

Probably not. It might make more sense to do so every second or third day to keep my brand alive and in the forefront of a smaller number of people.

One thing is certain: doing something today simply because you have done it yesterday and every day for a year probably does not make sense.

“What’s it for?” is a question I have to ask myself. Writing this blog post every day is for the purpose of improving as a writer.

But distributing videos is to fill the pipeline. And filling the pipeline is not what I need at the moment.