Great stretch in the evenings

There is a great stretch in the evenings now. Has been for weeks. Since January, really.

It’s great to see.

I used to dread the tedium and monotony of cutting the grass at home around the house.

Now I am looking forward to it. Maybe it’s a sign of aging. Perhaps it has to do with the symbolic opening up of our lives again after the coronavirus lockdown and restrictions.

Even though there was nothing stopping me from cutting the grass, even during the restrictions.

It is snowing this morning and there is a light skin of slush on the street outside in Enfield.

But sitting in my office writing this I can see brighter days, pushing the mower around what passes for lawn at our house, and listening to a good podcast episode or book.

Never thought I would look forward to it. But the coronavirus has definitely made me realise the joy you can derive from simple things in our daily lives.

Hopefully, I will never take them for granted again. Even cutting the grass.

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