Finding legal diamonds in the Twitter sewer

I am not the biggest fan of Twitter.

I have often described it as a cess pool, an open sewer, feral, and so forth.

But it keeps drawing me back, and on some rare occasions I come across a post or tweet or link that I love, or I find really useful or interesting.

I follow a UK law/legal blogger, David Allen Green, and his the law and policy blog account. Yesterday, a tweet of his caught my eye. It was to do with blogging and style, and the use of one sentence paragraphs in his blog writing. Blogging and style is something I have written about myself and which I have a great deal of interest in.

I read his explanation carefully and found it fascinating and educational. But I also came across a link in his blog post to this blog, the blog of the late Sir Henry Brooke, which can still be found online and according to David Allen Green is one of the greatest ‘law blogs’.

Sir Henry Brooke took up blogging after retiring as a court of appeal judge in the United Kingdom. And this find, for me, is delightful and encouraging as it is proof that a) it is never too late to start blogging and b) legal/law blogging is perfectly natural and has a place in the blogging world and society generally.

Writing a blog can be a lonely endeavour, at times.

Sometimes it can strike you as shouting into a void. But finding a retired court of appeal judge who took up blogging and evidently became extremely good at it gives great encouragement.

I did not need to find Sir Henry Brooke’s blog to validate what I do or keep me going. But it certainly does not do any harm.

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