Finding diamonds in the trough

I spend a lot of time on YouTube, watching videos. My viewing tends to fall into one of two categories:

  1. Legal/political commentary from some YouTube channels in the United States
  2. Researching how to do a particular thing

The latter category tends to be related to my business, marketing a small business, and more particularly social media marketing. I have to wade through a great deal of dross. But then you come across a gem of a video and you immediately accept that you may never have thought of that way of doing the thing, save for watching that video.

In other words, a completely different approach to a task which I have been doing for some time with good success.

This is the essence of learning, or self-learning, I guess. Doing a bit of research and then having your mind opened to a method or approach that never crossed your mind.

It is undoubtedly a fact that there is a massive quantity of rubbish and nonsense online. But it is also true that you can come across some real gems, some pearls in the trough.

Wading through the crap is worth it when you pick up a skill that you will have for life. It’s a small price to pay if you are serious about expanding your repertoire of skills and giving yourself an edge that could play a significant role in the growth of your business.

Too few people avail of the opportunities, as far as I can see. That’s their decision, one I cannot understand.

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