Exploiting a gap in the information provision business

I have learned that there is a good living to be made in catering to the gap between information that is widely and freely available and a person’s unwillingness or inability to carry out a bit of basic research.

For example, I am frequently asked questions on Instagram or YouTube which could be easily answered by a simple Google search taking only seconds. But rather than spending the time doing the search the querist appears to prefer to have someone they encounter online answer their question for them.

I cannot understand this, to be honest. But that is the way it is and it is not for me to try to alter the state of things as they are.

Anyone in the information or advice provision business, however, can make a fine living simply accepting that certain individuals want information spoon fed to them and are willing to pay. Perhaps it is the apparent seal of approval from a professional, perhaps it is laziness, perhaps it is a lack of confidence.

I could give countless examples of this phenomenon but do not wish to embarrass the individuals concerned. If you are involved in an advice or information provision-based business don’t take for granted that what is freely available and ‘common knowledge’ is not of potential value to you and your business.

There is a gap to be serviced. That’s often how small businesses are built and grow.

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