Expanding and enhancing “Buying a House in Ireland-a Step by Step Guide by a Builder/Solicitor”

It is 8 years now since I published “Buying a House in Ireland-a Step by Step Guide by a Builder/Solicitor”.

Little did I realise then how popular the book would prove to be. Sales in the last 12 months or so appear to have increased significantly and the audiobook version sells extremely well, too.

I did an update of the original 2014 book in 2020 and I am now going to add more material to it in September 2022.

Topics which will be added to the latest edition include:

  • Exempt developments
  • First home scheme support
  • BCMS
  • Selling your house
  • Attic conversions
  • Timing of your payments and outlays when purchasing
  • Two common mistakes I see buyers make
  • Nightmare auction purchases
  • What happens when a sale does not complete
  • Buying property for cash-the advantages
  • How to calculate stamp duty
  • Structural surveys
  • Property boundaries
  • Buying a rural site or derelict dwelling
  • Selling your home-4 things you must have in order
  • Step by step through the process of buying
  • Planning problems and solutions
  • Capital gains tax on property

Thus, this 2022 version of the book will be greatly expanded and should provide the buyer, and seller, an excellent road map through the entire process.

And other important issues that might arise but which are easy to overlook.

Take a look at the book on Amazon here.

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