Email marketing-doing it in a different way

I have always been a massive proponent of email marketing. But only when it is done the right way.

The starting point for doing email marketing “the right way” is to obtain the consent of a subscriber. Your emails must be sought and anticipated, or at least tolerated.

Being tolerated is the absolute minimum. Ideally, you want your email to be greeted like a note or message from a friend.

I have built up a number of lists in different niche areas over many years. For example, in the buying a property space, in employment law, in making a will, and some others.

But I have always automated my messages, which is fine up to a point. Now I am considering sending “real time” emails on a regular (weekly) basis.

And that one email will go to all of my lists. Inevitably there will almost certainly be a good deal of burn and unsubscribes from subscribers who only want to hear about one topic.

But it might be a price worth paying.

Because the building of a relationship over time with a smaller number of, but more loyal and committed, subscribers could make it an interesting and worthwhile strategy.