Do the right thing

Do the right thing. Always. Even when nobody is looking.

It’s a great habit to develop.

Whether it is washing your hands and following the other directions to combat the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19, or driving down an isolated country road and indicating to pull in, even when there isn’t another soul for miles around, or putting your rubbish in the correct bins in the workplace, even though you may not be caught if you don’t, you should still develop the habit of doing the right thing.

It will stand to you in your journey through life and you will also tap into the power of habit, and developing good habits in all aspects of your life. These good habits are as easy to develop as bad ones, but the effect in your life will be truly profound and life changing.

And, funnily enough, you would be surprised at how many times you are caught out when you do the wrong thing. Even when you think there is no hope of being caught.

The consequences of being caught, for example, can be as serious as totally undermining your boss’s confidence in you. Your relationship may never be the same again because trust and confidence will probably be gone forever.

And it is not just about getting caught, either. Because doing the right thing as a default action can help you achieve virtually anything through the development of good habits, and the eradication of bad ones.

All because you did the right thing. Because it was the right thing to do.

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