Choosing the right words

I write every day of my life. Much of my writing, however, is done for my work-my solicitor’s practice.

I may be responding to an email, writing a blog post, writing a letter to a client or colleague solicitor, or threatening litigation. In all this writing I do not, I regret to say, spend much time finding the right word(s).

Don’t get me wrong-I use words that are acceptable and fall within a range of words which allow me to convey what I mean.

But in some, not all, situations there is a word or words that is the one-the right word. Other words might come close and allow me to convey my meaning, but this one word just nails it, hits the bullseye, was made for this specific situation.

The luxury of waiting and thinking and spending the time to find this word is not something I have in my daily work, unfortunately. But if I am writing for leisure, as I am doing now, I can take the time.

I wish I did it more often.

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