“Buying a House in Ireland: a Step by Step Guide by a Builder/Solicitor”-I must take another look

Buying a house in Ireland

Sales of my book, “Buying a House in Ireland: a Step by Step Guide by a Builder/Solicitor”, have been consistently steady lately.

Without going into the detail or delving too deeply into the actual numbers from Amazon sales appear to have been growing to the point where ‘my property book’ is now easily outselling my employment law book, “Employment Law in Ireland”.

I need to take fresh look at the property book now to see if I can improve and update it. I did an update a few years ago to include a chapter about the Help to Buy Scheme run by Revenue and a few other developments.

But I think I can almost certainly improve the book a good deal more given that it was first published in 2014.

It would be well worth my time from a couple of perspectives, most importantly in driving new property transaction clients. The authority and respectability afforded by being a published author in any field should not be underrated.

The book also allows me to reach new audiences in the United Kingdom and United States as it is easily accessible on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk for persons looking to buy a house in Ireland.

Yes, I think it is time to take a fresh look, an audit if you like, at the book and see if I can make it better.

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