Blind, unwavering, uncritical support-is there no limit?

I have made videos about Seán Quinn, Donald Trump and Enoch Burke over the last 12 months or so, often more than one video-for example, if there was some development involving one or more of these individuals.

I have strong views on all three individuals, but I will not bore you with those views now. In any case, making videos about persons like these give others an opportunity to have their say and voice their opinion in the comments section of YouTube or Facebook, or wherever.

What I find remarkable, however, is the degree of support and loyalty from followers of these men. Regardless of what they do, or it is claimed against them, these followers are steadfast and rock solid.

When I see this it always prompts the question in my mind: is there no action or activity or view or evidence which will change a supporter’s position.

As Winston Churchill is reported to have said, “when circumstances change, I change my mind. What do you do?”