Besmirching the Tricolour

Something I’ve noticed lately on certain social media sites, such as Twitter and YouTube, is the use of the Irish tricolour in the profiles of certain individuals who hold views ranging from xenophobia to racism.

These keyboard warriors, most of whom hide behind a fake name, feel free to spout hateful bile about the State, immigrants, and people with whom they disagree from the safety and comfort that a fake profile on YouTube or Twitter can offer.

The tricolour is supposed to symbolise a coming together of two traditions on this island: Catholic and Protestant. It is supposed to stand for peace and inclusion, not putting up barriers and the creation of division between Irish people and non Irish.

The backward looking fools who wrap themselves in the tricolour under these circumstances besmirch it.

In the recent past we used to sneer at the Brit who wore Union Jack shorts on his Spanish holidays.

Now we have his Irish, digital counterpart poncing around on Twitter and Facebook with hateful antediluvian, neanderthal comments about Longford being overrun with immigrants or becoming like Birmingham.

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