An excellent benefit of having a blog (even if nobody reads it)

One of the benefits of having a blog, even if nobody reads it, is you can use it to assemble and store valuable links for your work or life.

I was reading the Irish Times this morning on my iPad and came across a case that illustrates a point I am arguing in an employment case I’m involved in. This case, along with another one I have, is an authority for the proposition that I am trying to secure for my client in an unfair dismissal case.

I will link to this case on my employment law blog and it will be easy to put my hands on when the time comes to finalise my WRC submissions.

I do not have to remember the details of this case, or the factual matrix. All I have to do is tag it with ‘unfair dismissal’ and I will have it at my fingertips at the time that matters.