An admission about my podcast, “The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast”

The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast

I started up a podcast called “The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast”.

I freely and openly admit that it is made up of the audio tracks from the videos I make and publish on YouTube. 

Thus, there is nothing new or novel about the episodes on this podcast, and if you watched my videos on other platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, you would have heard it before.

But I still believe it is worthwhile and a smart use of my time and existing content-the videos-to publish the audio tracks in this podcast.

Because not everybody will have seen my videos in the first place. And many people find it more convenient to listen to audio rather than watch videos.

Therefore, I will continue to build out the podcast platform and view it as an immensely better use of my time than some alternatives, for example tweeting on Twitter.

So, yes, the audio files and podcast episodes may contain a sign off to the effect that I hoped you enjoyed the video I have no apologies to make.

Hope you find the podcast useful. You can check it out here.